스튜디오 리빌드 (ReBuild)는 컨셉 기반의 형태 만들기 프로세스를 지양합니다.
주어진 맥락을 해석하고, 그 안에서 문제를 인식해 아이디어를 발전시키며, 스토리텔링을 도구로 독창적 메이킹을 탐색합니다.
우리가 생각하는 이상적인 프로젝트는 
자연과 인간 사이의 경계를 흐리고, 인간 삶에 적극적으로 기여할 수 있는 
보다 지속 가능하고 흥미로운 발상들을 실현하는 것입니다.
오브제에서부터 공간, 건축, 조경에 이르는 다양한 스케일의 작업은 협업의 대상이며,
자연과의 관계성 구축을 통해 새로운 경험과 가치의 가능성을 찾아 나갑니다.
우리는 특정한 미학적 언어를 추구하기보다 책임감 있는 디자인 행위를 통해 보다 나은 미래 세대를 준비합니다.

Studio ReBuild  
was founded by a group of architect and garden designer in 2024.  
We are rooted in Korean and British culture but mindset is global.
Our team is dedicated to exploring new possibilities in
re-building the architectural narratives at all scales across various sectors.
We engage in ideation, problem-solving, storytelling, and making
to creating extraordinary value across projects and everyday life.
We aim to seek more meaningful relationships and new human experiences
across design objects, spaces, buildings, and nature.


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Projects Archive

Immsersive Resilience Seoul, S.Korea
Competition Winning Scheme
State:Site Progress
A 250m² cascaded lounge-like space within Han River Park, aiming to seamlessly reconnect humans with true nature in 360 degrees

J Bridge Retrofitting 
Jinju, S.Korea 
State:Competition Entry
Transforming the functional bridge into a new destination evokes a sense of 'staying' rather than mere 'transit', fostering dynamic meandering instead of a linear course.

Vertical Agri-Ecology
State:Compeition Entry
Retrofitting a vertical residence involves expanding the limited function of the front apartment corridor into a more meaningful space where agriculture and community programs can seamlessly intertwine .

Adaptive Engagement 
Seoul, S.Korea
State:Research Project
Creating three-dimensional furniture tectonics from 75 standard-sized discrete elements encourages human interaction and connection  within a park.

Studio 601 
Seoul, S.Korea
An adaptive learning facility that promotes continuous connectivity between spaces and objects serves as the foundation for fostering interaction and emotional connection among users.

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